Welcome to Cuppa Love Teas, where we love to share the love in every cuppa!

Cuppa Love Teas is a minority woman-owned local tea business in W-S (Winston-Salem), NC (North Carolina) in the USA (United States of America).

We are proud to offer authentic tea blends of delicious and nutritious teas – both organic and natural – that will please your palette, put a smile on your face, treat your tummy, and sate your senses!

We are excited to have been interviewed for a Fox 8 WGHP news segment that took place at one of our locations where we sell our teas, Moji Coffee + More on Trade St. Brad Jones conducted the interview and introduced us on “Made in NC.”

In September of 2019, we celebrated our first official launch of our teas at a/perture cinema with the showings of Downtown Abbey, the British movie, where we now offer Pinkies Out (a special tea blend inspired by Downtown Abbey), which has become a favorite among the tea drinking crowd!

Your opportunity to enjoy a free cuppa is at our weekly Thursday entrepreneurial networking events at the Venture Cafe in the Bailey Power Plant Thursday nights from 5 pm-7 pm in January!

We are also selling our Cuppa Love Teas authentic tea blends at Moji Coffee + More on Trade St. and Sixth and Vine Wine Bar on Sixth St. in downtown W-S, NC.

We have our authentic tea blends at 2 Asian fusion restaurants in downtown Winston-Salem: Downtown Thai on Fourth St. , known for their delicious Thai and Vietnamese pho and Asian fusion food and Thai Harmony on Third St., known for their delicious sushi and Asian fusion food.

We are also partnering with Celestial Hemp to bring you two Cuppa Love Teas tea blends for AM and PM that contain the much sought-after hemp flower, known also for its health benefits. We will keep you posted on when and where these special tea blends will be available.

Many of our tea blends are available at Canteen Market & Bistro on Fourth St. We currently have 6 Cuppa Love Teas tea blends available there and will be celebrating our official launch there soon. Will keep y’all posted!

We are excited about our upcoming partnership with Bingo Bango Beverages (a local natural soda company) to bring you our caffeine-free rooibos version of an Arnold Palmer inspired drink using their lemonade and our Rose Citrus Hibiscus Rooibos Tea Blend we hope to launch sometime in the spring of 2020.

Also, we are partnering with Piedmont Opera to bring you a special tea blend that was inspired by The King and I, called Thai Dream White Tea Blend we will be giving to the guests at the Footnote luncheon in honor of their production in March.

Our newest and 11th location is Mystic Ginger, an Indian Bistro, located on Fourth St. in downtown Winston-Salem, NC. We custom blended our first signature blend for them, called Mystic Ginger, that is a Masala Chai Ginger Black Tea Blend. You can also find Mango Lassi White Tea Blend there, along with other tea blends coming soon.

We are busily branching out and rapidly expanding and hope to be in the Greensboro and High Point (Piedmont Triad) area soon, too.

Cuppa Love Teas is pleased and thankful to have an article in the December issue of Forsyth Woman you can find a link to under “Press” and run ads in this local magazine I write on a monthly basis for.

We also are honored to be in the Winston-Salem Journal last month. You can find the link to this article by food editor, Michael Hastings, under “Press,” also.

Please check back on our site to order Cuppa Love Teas tea blends online sometime in the near future and def, in the meantime, please keep in touch via email and social media.

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